ScanPST.exe Repair Tool for Outlook (All Versions)

PST ErrorSigns and Symptoms of a PST Error

A .PST file is the type of file generated when you save your personal information as a separate file through Microsoft Outlook. As with most files, if the program makes a mistake and enters incorrect data, the file becomes corrupt, leading to some serious PST error messages.

Outlook ScannerWhat Causes .PST Errors

These errors are usually resolved by using your ScanPST.exe Inbox Repair Tool. Unfortunately, this tool is actually badly written and actually doesn’t do what you need it to do most of the time. Some errors can even cause harm to your computer.

PST RepairHow to Repair PST File When Scanpst.exe cannot

Don’t lose hope when your ScanPST.exe fails. These PST errors can still be resolved by a properly written tool like the Outlook PST Repair Tool, which rises far above the others in the market. We highly recommend this download.

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

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Find lost Outlook emails safely and efficiently with our PST Repair Tool

When a PST error occurs while using Outlook, don’t bother with anything else and download the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. This multi-functional program allows you to recover corrupted and lost data as well as protect you from PST errors in the future.

Stellar Phoenix Screenshot Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

Fear you have a damaged .PST file? Here’s how you recover your email information

When a PST error occurs while using Outlook, don’t bother with anything else and download the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. This multi-functional program allows you to recover corrupted and lost data as well as protect you from PST errors in the future.

ScanPST.exe just won’t work! What do I do?
If you’ve tried to use Microsoft’s own ScanPST.exe to fix your errors, you would know by now that it doesn’t work. Error messages like 0x8004060c, 0x80040600, and 0x80040119 remain persistent. Fear not, you aren’t the first to encounter this worthless program. This application has been known to bring out as many errors as the PST files itself. Fear not, we have what you need.

ScanPST.exe Errors
ScanPST.exe was built by Microsoft to be the one thing that would fix your PST file troubles in Outlook. Unfortunately, like the program that keeps churning out these errors, ScanPST is half baked and buggy. This solution to keep things working and protect your information from loss is simply not panning out as they probably intended it to be. Too many people have been let down by this program.
The usual results of using this program are rather annoying for the most part. Rather than fixing errors, it actually ends up pushing more errors in your Outlook experience. Access to information gets screwed up, and you certainly don’t want to deal with that.

Some of you may think that we surely jest. Well, we don’t. If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself by downloading here. Don’t worry, once the program proves to be the failure that it is, we will welcome you back with open arms and help you solve your problem.

Stellar Phoenix Screenshot

Why should these error messages worry you?

It’s no big secret – losing your important email information is a devastating thing. Think about losing your irrecoverable contact information such as important phone numbers and addresses as well as losing your calendar appointments and missing them by accident. Just imagine the horror of losing an irreplaceable personal message from a loved one or a business contact? With the ease that comes with storing our data, we forget how easy and how horrifying it would be to lose our data. When data is lost completely, you know you are in trouble.

In certain cases, errors in your PST files may also be indicative of a malware attack. Viruses, Trojans and Phishing attacks can lead to data corruption and loss. Too bad that may not be the end of it. What you lost may be something gained by hackers and used in identity theft, credit card fraud or worse.

Don’t waste your time dealing with PST errors such as 0x80040119, 0x80040600, or 0x8004060c. Secure your data with something trustworthy unlike ScanPST.exe.

So how do I get my data back and rid myself of these errors?

Microsoft may try to pass the ScanPST.exe as a working solution, but we all know that is not true. We have the true solution right here – the Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair application. This app is a powerful tool to recover all your email data and keep Outlook running as smooth as possible.

What Stellar Phoenix does is to repair corrupted PST files to make sure Outlook won’t push any error messages. It then proceeds to recovering all recoverable data which was lost by the corrupted file. We recover all types of Outlook files such as emails, contacts and appointments.

ScanPST.exe is simply left in the dust by our program. It doesn’t support data recovery even when it rarely works. You data simply disappear with ScanPST.exe. Never entrust such important data to the worst recovery tool in the business.
Despite being a powerful tool, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is very easy to use. All you really need to do is scan, and the program does the rest. Wasn’t that easy? We offer easy purchase solutions as well. Take advantage of our “Solo” package which allows you to install to a single system. Need this program for more than one? Get our “Administrator” and “Technician” packages for more value out of your money.

It’s not just easy to use, it is also very fast! This lightweight program downloads and installs in a matter of seconds. It fixes your PST errors swiftly and efficiently to make sure it saves and recovers all data as soon as possible before they are gone and reduces risks. Stellar Phoenix works all the time and it has helped thousands of grateful Outlook users everywhere.

PST errors don’t mess around, a neither should you. Make the right choice in Stellar Phoenix, the award-winning multifunctional and protective repair program. Recover data safely and immediately. Ditch any hope for ScanPST.exe. Leave your important files with something you can trust – Stellar Phoenix.

Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair
PST Repair “How-To”
Step 1) Download and run Stellar Phoenix
Step 2) Scan your system for corrupt .PST files
Step 3) Click to recover your information


Powerful Data Recovery Features

  • Recover even password protected PST files
  • Never miss a file with our clear item counter
  • Recover emails in EML or MSG file formats
  • Quick search capability for Outlook PST files
  • Recover all PST files visible within your PC and Network
  • Find specific emails quickly with our thorough individual file searching tool.


Stellar Phoenix is the only brand you will ever need in PST Data Recovery

  • Retrieve corrupted and deleted emails from uncompacted/unarchived PST files.
  • Each PST can have its own personalized profile
  • Uses a familiar Outlook themed multi-view interface for viewing messages
  • Provides a free demo to scan recoverable items such as emails, notes, tasks, lists and more from Outlook
  • Supports multiple MS Outlook versions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • Compatible with Windows NT4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems


Download Stellar Outlook PST Repair

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