Creating an email signature in Outlook
Outlook is Microsoft's main email provider and is used by tens of thousands of people worldwide. It is the main email address provider for a lot of different companies and businesses around the globe. A handy thing for businesses to be able to do is add a special signature on to the end of every email they send. Signatures like these are used to imprint the company name, an automated message or even a line of contact details into the footnote of every message you send using the email address which is incredibly useful for many big businesses. But how do you create an email signature on Microsoft Outlook.
The first thing you need to do is open up Outlook. Once you do, you should see a toolbar near the top. Go to the tools option and find 'options' on the drop down menu that will appear and click on it. A menu will appear with several tabs at the top- click on the tab that says 'mail format.' Near the bottom of the menu you will find an option for 'signatures' and you need to click on it.
Another menu box will appear with tabs and you need to click on the 'email signature' tab. When you do, you will see an option to create new and you must click on that also. Then a typing box will appear for you to choose a desired name for your new signature- you can call it whatever you like for easier access later. Another box will appear to allow you to 'edit signature.' This is where you write out the entire signature you desire to have at the bottom of your emails. When it is done, you can just click save and your signature is good to go for future use.
There are a few guidelines you should go by when you are writing your signature though. You should not have it too long and tedious- people and potential customers will not pay any attention to it if it is just a big hulking piece of text. Try and keep it to a maximum of six lines. You should also use the formatting options to your advantage and not your hindrance. Being able to bold and italicise writing and make things bigger and smaller is great but it is not that good if you overdo it. This just makes it hard to read and makes it look unprofessional. Try and save formatting for important things such  as your name.
There are many things you can write in your signature so be inventive. If you are a company, don't just write your company name. You should write a quote or line associated with your company underneath it or even what your business stands for- you could even use it to make your company look better such as adding reviews or 'five star' ratings in your signature. No matter what you use your signature for on Outlook, it is essential to make it look perfect.